Ulyana Michailov

Formal Qualifications & Experience

I am qualified in Naturopathy, Acupuncture, Nutrition and Herbal Medicine as well as a certified Yoga Teacher. My passion is natural health and living a down-to-earth life style, connecting to the flow and rhythms of nature and honouring our place here, as well as our planet as a whole.

What led me to this work?

For me I was put on this path very early in life. I think growing up with Eastern European roots, my Babushka (grandmother) would refer to various herbs and homeopathic remedies for her own health. I have always enjoyed reading and the family book shelf had a multitude of interesting books, particularly on iridology, herbal medicine, acupressure and my favourite “Light on Yoga” by BKS Iyengar. It was my favourite because it had shiny, metallic silver cover. All the books were colourful, which is why from the view point of a child I was attracted to them. At the time of course I didn’t understand too much but it did plant a seed. As I grew older I could apply the knowledge to my own life in various situations. For example, if I was nervous before an exam I would use the acupressure points specific for stress and it helped. “Light on Yoga” would reappear many times over the course of my growing years. It exposed me to words such as meditation, pranayama (breath awareness), consciousness and so on. Although beyond my comprehension it was only a matter of time before I would weave it all together. I would attempt the asana (postures) and although not perfect in form, it was as perfect example of an open and innocent mind seeking answers to questions not even known.

By 17 I had a painful car accident which I was lucky to have survived. Even though medical science had helped me survive the initial trauma, once I was ready to get back out in the world I was physically, mentally and emotionally disconnected. A friend had suggested I visit an acupuncturist, her mother who gave me a few treatments and I felt better, calmer, connected and from there went on to study naturopathy, acupuncture and herbalism.

Not too long after that I began my formal study in yogic science at Classical School of Yoga and Meditation, although keeping my personal practice going I had no plans of teaching. I have travelled to many places, particularly to the mountains of Russia where I’ve gathered traditional herbal folklore knowledge. It was a few years later when the time came to go to India and learn how to teach yoga.  I went to Rishikesh, in the foothills of the Himalayas and said to be the “Yoga Capital of the World.”

I specialise in women’s health, hormone imbalances, fertility, IVF support, skin disorders, chronic stress, pain management and digestive imbalances.

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