Prenatal Yoga Workshop

I’m not sure what you know about women in circles but let me tell you it’s always a little magical.

The circle was integral to many ancient cultures. It represents unity, connection and power. The symbolism of the circle can be seen in many natural phenomena. The moon, earth and planetary system moves in circular patterns around the sun. The seasons and our life cycles.

Sitting in circle encourages openeness, security and communication with the other members leading to sharing and story telling.

We had just the right number of women attend the workshop to sit in a circle. Just like people used to and instead of a big old fire burning in the centre we had a beautiful shrine with candles, flowers, crystals and the Birthing Yoga Goddess. A magical touch.

The afternoon involved the valuable learning material. Benefits of practicing yoga during your pregnancy. The do’s and don’ts (you’ll be surprised how many there are). Moonstone meditation, a beautiful flowing class and healthy refreshments to finish off.

Stay tuned for more workshops like these as we will be holding them again in the future.

Byron Yoga workshop1




Prenatal yoga manual




Wishing everyone a good day!