Your Health

Your health is important. Maybe you’ve been too busy to think about yourself, working full-time, looking after others and juggling life. Perhaps you have never needed to tend to your health because you have been feeling very healthy, if so- that’s wonderful!

Although, at some point we do have to pay attention to our health. The body is often sending us subtle signals far earlier than we might realise. The fatigue, aches, emotional stressors, irregular sleep patterns, less than vital diet and non-existent exercise regime does take a toll after paper writer online some time and a lot of this is unavoidable, afterall life is a dynamic process.

Poor health can be a sign of self neglect and sometimes an inability to understand your body’s needs. Sometimes poor health is inherited. Whatever your state of health is at this point of time it can improve, you can get better and live the life you want to be living.

Currently Ulyana is consulting at Glenelg and Warradale. Please enquire for a booking.

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